Shoppers support plastic bags

According to the consumer group Which?, 56% of consumers in England support the implementation of a 5p plastic bag charge. Which? revealed these statistics just days after WRAP announced that the number of plastic bags used by consumers had risen sharply, amounting to around 8 billion in supermarkets alone, despite attempts to cut down.

The survey conducted by Which? found that the majority of consumers would not mind paying for plastic bags. In Wales, shoppers already pay 5p per bag. The Welsh campaign has led to some retailers distributing 80% less bags. In England, there are around 17 plastic bags in each home. According to Which?, nine out of ten surveyed claimed to already reuse bags from previous shopping trips. Which? also found that consumers felt as though supermarket retailers did not do enough to encourage shoppers to recycle the bags they had already used at their in-store bag recycling points.

According to those who did not feel they should have to pay for bags, around 45% felt as though they were entitled to receive them for free. In addition to this, seven out of ten consumers believed that they already paid too much for their shopping, and that paying for bags would only increase their grocery bill. Which? concluded that supermarkets in England now need to focus on doing more to ensure consumers do not use bags frivolously. The survey covered 1,000 people overall.

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