McDonald’s offers new jobs

This year the giant fast-food chain McDonald’s is set to create a minimum of 2,500 jobs in the UK, and as the general age for employees is under 25 years old, it’s set to help the unemployment rates of which that age-bracket is the largest. Around 30% of the new hires will be entering their first employment as the chain always leans towards providing jobs for those youngsters stepping into their first job. Over the last three years, McDonald’s has opened the door to 13,500 new jobs and that brings the total workforce in the UK up to 90,000.

With new management in the UK, there have been more restaurants added, the rolling-out of new technology and extended opening hours, which has all seen spaces for new faces along the way. Many of the existing restaurants have seen major overhauls and have been brought up to a more modern standard which is seen all across the globe. As young workers tend to choose McDonald’s as their first employment it sees them have more opportunities into moving up the ladder to supervisory and managerial roles in the future, or it simply is a way to learn new skills, interact with customers, gain confidence and gain nationally-recognised accreditations.

Most of the management that are there now started from research-level, and as the chain looks after its employees and encourages promotions or performance-based gains in their employment it can be an important lesson to learn in the world of business too. The news of the new jobs came after a backfired Twitter campaign saw bloggers hijack the Twitter hashtags of McDonald’s and an array of #McFail tweets.

McDonald’s currently has 1,200 restaurants in the UK and handles around 2.5 million customers daily. With the majority of the jobs going to English restaurants, there are around 50 in Northern Ireland, 125 in Wales and 190 in Scotland to be open for applicants. Even the Government is happy to see the fast-food chain opening up new employment for youngsters, as the unemployment rate for 17-year olds is very high and the new jobs will help ease that figure downwards.

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