Lasagne sandwich hits the shelves

If you are mystery shopping in the supermarket Tesco any time soon, you may spot a limited edition lasagna sandwich and consider it as a poor man’s food for rough times. The reasons behind this unhealthy innovation from Tesco are still uncertain, but one may think the giant supermarket chain was throwing away too much lasagna left on the shelves. An extremely innovate way of recycling if this is the case however.

Even though some people say it brings back memories of their student life, those could not have all been good memories; it allegedly contains a large amount of fat and carbohydrates. Something the UK doesn’t necessarily need right now is a product which will assist people in gaining weight after just a few bits.

Whilst many supermarkets are promoting healthier food, such as vegetables, fruit and fish, it is surprising to see an already unhealthy lasagna snack placed between slices of bread for even more carbohydrates. There appears to be few healthy ingredients in it except for the tomato puree and calcium in the cheese.

Student food is a notion you normally correlate with necessity, lack of money and lack of a better alternative. It’s quite bizarre for Tesco to imagine that once in the store, the first thing a customer will go for is something like a lasagna sandwich. However, this particular sandwich hasn’t been created to eat every day and students are known for liking to try something new.