Future of shop environments

The future may well be an exciting time for mystery shoppers, with predictions that shop environments will be altered to make full use of all human senses. According to one media firm, shoppers will listen not only to carefully selected background music but also be able to smell a signature scent which they can relate to a brand.

With thoughts on there possibly being a double-dip recession, can retailers really afford to make these changes? Analysts think so, as it will all assist in boosting sales and ultimately increasing growth for businesses.

Stores have experienced media since the early 1930s, however the majority of efforts have been placed on traditional methods such as background music and strategically placed advertisements. With the availability of new technology, a large amount of new opportunities are available for any business to really stand out from the crowd.

One example is the Timberland shop in London’s Westfield. Within the shop is a special signature scent which aims to invigorate customers, making them want to grab a pair of boots and sprint up a mountain.