Consumers use few apps regularly

According to UK consumer group Webcredible, UK smartphone and tablet users only use four apps on a regular basis, and these apps are geared towards practical functions. The most frequently used apps help users plan journeys, search for locations, book tickets, and find voucher deals. Out of the most successful apps, those that became a part of each user’s daily routine were the most popular. Around 40% of those surveyed said that the apps they most frequently used had been designed to help them locate services and businesses, and 90% of those surveyed said they used apps to help them get their shopping done faster while commuting.

None of those who took part in the survey stated that they would make expensive purchases through m-commerce. Their reasons for this included wanting to see larger images on a PC screen. In addition to this, those who shop for groceries online also showed little interest in using m-commerce, as the small screens on their phones made the process tedious and more time-consuming than they would like.

The survey conducted was designed to cover all social groups. Out of the women who were surveyed, the majority stated they would use voucher apps in the morning on the way to work to check for deals. The men surveyed said they had never used such apps. Ninety-percent of women surveyed would use apps that had been recommended by friends and family, and 100% claimed to use shopping apps, but rarely used them to purchase clothes. The majority of those surveyed stated that they used apps during time that would otherwise be wasted, such as when commuting, standing in queues, or eating lunch.

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