Boost in seasonal supermarket jobs

Sainsbury’s, one of the largest supermarkets in Britain, is seeking to employ 20,000 people in order to help them cope with increasing customer demand over the Christmas and New Year seasonal holiday period. This year will represent the largest amount of jobs the shop has ever required to fulfil in one season. To compare with a similar period last year, Sainsbury’s filled around 12,000 jobs.

At the supermarket, there are 150,000 staff based at over 800 stores. Sainsbury’s is currently Britain’s third largest supermarket and the news of job creation is welcomed by both jobseekers and the economy. Seasonal jobs often represent a perfect opportunity for students to earn extra money when they return home from university for weeks or months.

Out of the 20,000 seasonal jobs which are created, the chain expects that at least 1,000 of them will be transformed into long term permanent roles. When you are shopping over the seasonal holidays, you may notice new recruits being trained in the shops ready to handle the increased demand. Remember, as someone wanting to be a mystery shopper you should always be taking notice of customer service levels.