Mobiles are improving shop sales

In a recent study conducted by the mobile ad network InMobi, it has become clear that m-commerce is influencing the way customers make their spending decisions. The study found that mobile advertising now influences around 48% of consumers on purchasing decisions. Those who conducted the study hypothesized that 45% of consumers who have not yet […]

Cereal bar nutrition revealed

Although cereal bars are portrayed as being healthy snack alternatives, the consumer magazine ‘Which?’ has discovered the sugar-laden truth behind them. After analysing 30 cereal bars, Which? found that only one of them contained less than 30% sugar. One of the bars that has been promoted as being a ‘healthy’ snack contained four teaspoons of […]

Diners increase demand for meals

According to Allegra, the eating out market is set to rise by 3% in 2012, generating £53bn in revenue. Allegra has also predicted that over the next five years, spending on meals out will rise to £65bn. This positive forecast has been based on the increase in average earnings, as well as the gradual reduction […]

Consumers use few apps regularly

According to UK consumer group Webcredible, UK smartphone and tablet users only use four apps on a regular basis, and these apps are geared towards practical functions. The most frequently used apps help users plan journeys, search for locations, book tickets, and find voucher deals. Out of the most successful apps, those that became a […]

Shoppers support plastic bags

According to the consumer group Which?, 56% of consumers in England support the implementation of a 5p plastic bag charge. Which? revealed these statistics just days after WRAP announced that the number of plastic bags used by consumers had risen sharply, amounting to around 8 billion in supermarkets alone, despite attempts to cut down. The […]

Recession boosts charity sales

A new report has announced that UK charity shops are enjoying record high sales figures. Annual income has been boosted by 34 per cent compared to last year, with charity shops income reaching an all-time high of almost £1 billion. While high street stores have been hit hard by the recession and suffered closures of […]

Shopping parades need to change

Facing a record number of vacant shops, the UK needs to invigorate its shopping parades to compete with the high street, the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has said. The impact of growing mega stores and big businesses has impacted on local shops and small business owners. The government is keen to support local shopping centres […]

Banks set to analyse more data

Banks are set to begin analysing customer data more closely to help them offer incentives and new services to customers, it has been announced. The move is set to follow in the footsteps of retailers who have been offering customers personalised benefits based on their shopping purchases for years. Financial institutions hope to use their […]

Sacking staff to become easier

New proposals to employment law are being considered which will make it easier for firms to sack their workers. The enterprise and regulatory reform bill, which is still being considered in the House of Commons, will give employers considerably more freedom and power to get rid of workers who they simply don’t want anymore. These […]

Contactless payments for post users

The Post Office has started installing contactless payment terminals in its branches up and down the country. With a network of over 11,500 branches, this investment will make the Post Office the biggest user of the technology in Europe. It is expected that the new service will greatly reduce transaction times and simplify purchases. The […]

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