UK MapMystery Shopper Jobs are available all over the UK, and your location will often make no difference if work happens to be online or telephone based. Each company and agency will vary, however it is likely that you will be able to sign up for mystery shopping wherever you are based. We have listed most locations lower down on this page, however don’t worry if you can’t see somewhere near you listed as you will still be able to join.


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Trying to find local mystery shopper jobs to sign up for and other ways to make money online can sometimes be difficult, so you have already made a great first step by visiting our website. There are lots of different job websites and places to find work, but organisations are constantly changing the way they advertise and many of the opportunities you will find on our website will not be listed in traditional newspapers or other job boards.

We have the simple aim of being the very best local mystery shopping guide for the benefit of both agencies and you, the mystery shopper. Everything you need to know about being an ‘undercover’ shopper should be covered on our information pages, however we would summarise the job as being great fun which almost everyone would love to be rewarded for. If there is anything at all which you think we have missed out or could improve on then we would be delighted to hear from you.

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A large amount of shops you see on high streets won’t be independent retailers; they will generally be an outlet from a chain or franchised. Unlike with smaller independent retailers who have more control and visibility in the day to day running of stores, the owners of chains or franchises will often not see how well each of their stores is doing.

Some of the largest high street brands in the UK are using mystery shoppers within their stores every single day. This has been widely reported in the media, especially when Channel 4 broadcast a television series with Mary Portas titled ‘Secret Shopper’ showing undercover reports of some of Britain’s most well known high street brands.

Due to this reason, companies often hire mystery shopping staff to get an independent view of the service customers receive in a store. You may wonder why they don’t just visit the store themselves – well, if they did the chances are the store manager would be prepared and ask staff to be on their best behaviour.


Every restaurant you eat in has quality standards which they aspire to meet. This does not necessarily just include the food that you eat or the drink that you drink, but the service you receive and the atmosphere that you relax in.

Without using mystery shoppers in restaurants (also commonly referred to as mystery diners), it isn’t easy for restaurant owners to get a truly unbiased and accurate opinion of how people judge their restaurant.

As a mystery diner you can report back on everything from the quality of service you receive as soon as you enter the restaurant right up to the taste of after dinner coffee. Whoever said “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” wasn’t quite right either, as your meal will generally be paid for as well as your time.


One of the most desired mystery shopper tasks around is hotel stays, for the pure novelty factor of being able to stay somewhere new. There will be many things to remember during your stay however, so it isn’t all easy work. You will be expected to report back on things such as reception service, bedroom furnishings, cleanliness and morning breakfast quality.

The great thing about being a mystery guest at hotels is the fact that you will experience a variety of locations and types of hotel. Every hotel you can imagine may wish to use a mystery shopper, from budget chains to luxury boutique hotels – this isn’t to say that they will all be 5* however!


Have you ever visited a business offering services and thought to yourself many reasons on how they could improve to be even better? Services are businesses which don’t necessarily offer products, although they may do as well. Examples include everything from hairdressers and nail salons to tyre fitters and museums.

As well as usually being reimbursed for the service cost, you get the experience of trying out somewhere new. The main point of review you will be asked about once your assignment has been completed will naturally be the service itself… How well were you treated? How friendly were the staff? Was the quality of service up to standards?


The large holiday travel agents and tour operators employ numerous staff which all play an important role in the enjoyment factor of millions of people every year. If you have been on package holidays before, have you noticed the number of ‘reps’ at the resort? After the initial interview and training that the reps receive, it is often difficult to find out how well they are treating normal holidaymakers. This is where you can help!

In addition to rating the quality of staff, there is also the accommodation and travel itself. Some companies use scorecards on inbound flights to judge quality of resorts, however this does not provide detailed feedback on where improvements can be made. With your assistance, companies can find the best resorts and make holidays more enjoyable for everyone.


There are a huge amount of different factors an airline must take into consideration on a daily basis. With revenue which is generally hundreds of millions of pounds, and passenger turnovers of thousands of people per day, it is important that no mistakes are made. As a mystery passenger on flights (either long haul or short haul) you will normally get to travel to a destination of your choice paid for by the airline. As soon as you arrive at the airport, the assignment begins!

Airline staff will be encountered throughout your journey; everywhere from the check in desks right up to the flight attendants. In addition to the service you may also even wish to comment on the quality of in flight meals or how smooth the pilot landed.

Market Research

All companies require research to keep up with both their strategy and to gain competitive advantage over their rivals. If you ever watch television advertisements for companies such as insurers and banks, have you noticed the small print which states where research was obtained from and in what month?

This type of research is frequently seen for comparison websites where statistics are required on how much on average people can save on products such as car insurance. As a mystery researcher you can assist companies to do better by researching the market and their rivals. By doing so, you get to find out information first and also contribute towards exciting research studies.