5 High Street Scams To Avoid

Summer is a fantastic time to be out enjoying the sun and browsing the shops, either as a normal shopper or a mystery shopper. However, it can all go wrong very quickly if you are targeted by scammers.

Distraction based scams are favourites within large cities. For this reason, you should always be dubious of anyone within close proximity to you. In this article we outline some well known scams you can look out for this summer.

1. Squirt
Classic scam where thieves will distract you by squirting something such as ketchup on your clothing. Whilst offering to help clean it up, possessions such as your wallet may be stolen. Our advice is to swiftly remove yourself from the area and do not accept any assistance.

2. Photo
Two or more people will ask you to take a photo of them and explain how the camera works in detail. When you are listening carefully to instructions, items will be taken from you. Our advice is do not take photos for people you do not know.

3. Escalator
When you are on an escalator at a busy time of the day, it is easy to not take notice of people brushing closely against you. Often working in a team, pickpockets will find it simply to remove possessions. Our advice is to be alert about your possessions when in closely crammed areas.

4. Surfers
Thefts often occur at cash machines, even when you may think you are being careful. One well known method thieves use is to ask you a question whilst you are using the machine; an accomplice will swiftly remove your card when you answer. Our advice is avoid being distracted and do not talk to anybody whilst using a cash machine.

5. Change
Street hustlers will often disguise their appearance in order to be more convincing. Within big cities such as London, it is not uncommon to see smartly dressed people asking for small amounts of change for what appears to be a valid reason. Our advice is do not give money to any random street requests.