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Mystery shopping is an area of work which is rapidly growing in popularity for organisations companies, yet there are still many people who do not know exactly what it is and how to become a mystery shopper. We have compiled a comprehensive guide below of everything you need to know – if you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help!

Once you have read everything you need to know, remember to join all mystery shopping agencies instantly today.


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1. Are Mystery Shopper Jobs Full Time?
2. Why Do Organisations Use Mystery Shoppers?
3. How Can I Become A Mystery Shopper?
4. Is Any Training Required?
5. How Much Can I Earn?
6. Is There A Job Description?
7. What Resources Are Needed?
8. Is Mystery Shopping A Scam?


Are Mystery Shopper Jobs Full Time?

To put it simply, no. Although there are positions out there for market research companies which will want permanent mystery shoppers, it is not common. As work or assignments cannot be guaranteed, you should consider the majority of jobs to be an additional income. We recommend signing up to as many genuine and free to join agencies as possible to have the best chance of getting assignments.

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Why Do Organisations Use Mystery Shoppers?

If you were a business owner, wouldn’t it be fantastic to find out exactly what people think about your company and the improvements which can be made for the better? That’s exactly what mystery shoppers are there to do.

Any type of company can use mystery shoppers for research purposes, whether they are supplying to businesses or consumers. Many companies overlook the idea of using mystery shoppers as they feel that simple questionnaires or asking customers of their opinion is sufficient – wrong! There is no other research method which can gauge an independent and objective view. Mystery shoppers can:

– Provide an accurate, unbiased opinion of a company
– Inform managers of which exceptional staff deserve rewards
– Highlight staff failing to comply with regulations and in need of attention
– Compare businesses to competitors and identify areas for improvement

If you feel like you can add value to a company by providing accurate and detailed research, then remember you are able to sign up for mystery shopper jobs without paying a penny.

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How Can I Become A Mystery Shopper?

Becoming a mystery shopper and obtaining work is simple, all you need to do is sign up at the right places! Before you sign up to anywhere you should read all about mystery shopping to make sure it is right for you.

It’s important to remember that being a registered mystery shopper is not generally a full time job and work is requested from you on an ad hoc basis. The times you do work is normally up to you, although you will usually be given a time or date frame which you are expected to follow.

If it is unlikely that you cannot undertake work at short notice or lead an extremely busy lifestyle with not even a few minutes spare, it may not be for you. We’re sure you will agree however that the advantages are fantastic and the pay is very good! Interested in mystery shopper vacancies? Visit our free sign up page.

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Is Any Training Required?

When you have signed up for a mystery shopping job you will find that training is not required. Companies and agencies are looking for average, normal people with transferable skills which can be adapted towards research purposes. If training was required it would take away a lot of the unbiased, critical approach which is needed.

You may have a natural ability at being observant and being able to remember things; or you may be a fast learner! Either way, as long as you can do the required tasks it is perfectly acceptable and you will be asked to do more work in future.

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How Much Can I Earn?

Compared to the nature of work, skills and experience required; the pay for mystery shoppers is extremely competitive and very well paid. Market research agencies tend to have a large budget available to create quality and reliable data for their clients – it is for this reason that they want to use the best.

The amount of work and therefore money you can potentially earn is endless if you are a fantastic mystery shopper. Once agencies notice that you are good at your job, you will tend to receive a greater amount of consistent work. Jobs do vary in length, however an average research task will last up to two hours including writing up your findings; you can be expected to be paid up to £50 for this. For more complex or longer tasks, this figure will naturally rise.

Look at our mystery shopping vacancies page to find out where you can sign up free now.

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Is There A Job Description?

Mystery shoppers are people who get paid to undertake research based assessments. There are various types of mystery shopping available, ranging from retail shops and restaurants to call centres and financial services. The nature and description of the job tends to vary as it may be that you are required to evaluate a company’s service, atmosphere, products or anything else which is requested from you.

You will be expected to follow both deadlines and guidelines which are provided to you individually for each undercover task you do. These will always be easy to follow and should provide you with some background knowledge to make your work as simple as possible. The majority of information will be provided to you in written format online or over the telephone.

Clear instructions are always given to you, meaning there is no training or experience necessary. If you have at least one or more of the following qualities, mystery shopping may be well suited to you: committed, reliable, observant, flexible, dedicated, confident.

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What Resources Are Needed?

Only a minimal amount of resources are required in order to become a mystery shopper. Generally, the following list of resources are not essential but are desirable whenever possible.

1. Easy access to transportation to any local area
2. Internet
3. Email account
4. Mobile telephone

The above is a guide only – you should check with individual companies to find out what they require from you.

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Is Mystery Shopping A Scam?

Absolutely not! However, you must watch out for some online mystery shopping scams which will cost you money for either training or for signing up without the promise of any work. On this website you will only find genuine market research companies which we have had experience with and are are completely free to join.

If you have paid money to join any organisations and feel you may have been scammed, you can visit online resources such as Consumer Direct or Citizens Advice Bureau for further information and advice.

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